Op. Dr. Tolga Mertoğlu


The knee joint; is the name given to the place where the thigh, tibia and kneecap bone join and articulate. There are four main ligaments on this joint, which help us to move flexibly, consisting of inner side, outer side, anterior cruciate and posterior cruciate ligament.

Sprains, blows to the knee, jumping movements or sudden changes in direction can injure the ligaments in the knee joint. In knee joint ligament injuries, the patient may not feel pain at first, but a rupture sound or an uncontrolled knee movement may be felt. Following the injury, swelling and pain begin to occur in the knee area. If the disease is not treated, cartilage deterioration may occur in the knee joint over the years. Therefore, orthopedic examination should be performed after knee sprains and knee joint should be examined with X-rays and MRI.

Ice application and immobilization of the knee joint are important in the acute injury phase. Performing ligament repair and reconstruction surgeries when necessary after medical examination prevents future knee joint disorders.

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