Op. Dr. Tolga Mertoğlu


Achilles tendon problems are the diseases that occur in the structures that connect the calf muscles to the heel bone. Achilles tendon ruptures, Achilles tendinopathy, and Achilles tendonitis are among the most common Achilles tendon problems. The Achilles tendon, the largest tendon in our body, allows the ankle to move downward. We can perform the most basic movements such as walking and running with the Achilles tendon.

In order to prevent Achilles tendon problems, warm-up exercises should be carried out before physical activity, and then cooling exercises should be performed. Moreover, attention should be paid to the choice of shoes.

The most common Achilles tendon problems are:

  • Achilles tendon ruptures: are when the Achilles tendon ruptures from where they attach to the lower heel bone, especially after direct contact with the ankle. Post-trauma treatment is performed surgically.
  • Achilles tendinopathy: is a disease manifested by pain, stiffness and swelling of the Achilles tendon. Recurrent Achilles tendinopathy occurs due to minor trauma.
  • Achilles tendinitis: is a disease caused by the inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Usually, the pain occurring is not long-lasting, but if left untreated, it causes deterioration in the body. Small-scale tears lead to deterioration of the healthy anatomical structure of the foot.
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