You can find the answers to all your questions about hand and wrist diseases on this page!

el ve el bileği hastalıkları

You can find the answers to all your questions about hand and wrist diseases on this page!

In addition to compelling and frequent movements, the long-term use of technological devices wears our hands and invites hand and wrist diseases. Bones, tendons, muscles, vessels and nerves damaged as a result of trauma and injury are injured and cause complaints such as weakness, sensation loss and pain.

Various hand and wrist diseases such as trigger finger, nerve compression, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, tennis elbow, ligament and cartilage injuries in the wrist can be caused by excessive and abusive use of the hand and wrist.  When symptoms such as pain, limitation of movement and sensation loss occur, medical support should be sought without waiting for prolonged complaints.

You can find the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments related to hand and wrist diseases you wonder about by typing the details of the diseases below.

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Trigger Finger Disease

The disease, which occurs when the tendons that move our fingers are compressed in the tunnel through which they pass during the movement, is called trigger finger disease. The reason for the stuck may be...

Wrist Arthroscopy

Diagnosis and treatment of many diseases can be achieved with wrist arthroscopy. Wrist arthroscopic interventions replace open surgery in the diagnosis of unspecified pain in the wrist...

El Bileği Artroskopisi

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is the most common nerve compression disorder observed in Orthopedics Clinics. The cable (median nerve), which comes out from the cervical vertebrae traveling towards the first three fingers of the hand and the outer half...

Karpal Tünel Sendromu

Recurent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The complaints of numbness, loss of sensation and pain, especially at night, observed in the first round of the disease recur. In severe cases, a decrease in the grasping strength and atrophy of hand muscles may be


The connective and adipose tissue under the skin in the palm hardens over time and turns into nodules and connective tissue without cells. These emerging structures cause the fingers to bend towards the palm...

Ganglion Cyst

It is a cystic swelling caused by herniation of the lining of the joint or tendon sheaths. It is more common in women. While the exact cause of the ganglion cyst is not known, it is associated...

Kienböck Disease

There are eight bones in the wrist between the forearm and metacarpal bones. Four of them are above, the others are in the bottom row. Kienböck’s Disease is...

Finger Nerve Injuries

Nerves explained simply; It is a system of cables that delivery electrical current from the brain and spinal cord to the organs to provide movement and restore senses such as sensation, heat, pressure from the organs...