Op. Dr. Tolga Mertoğlu


The connective and adipose tissue under the skin in the palm hardens over time and turns into nodules and connective tissue without cells. These emerging structures cause the fingers to bend towards the palm. This disease that prevents the opening movement of the fingers is called Dupuytren’s disease.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Dupuytren’s Disease

Dupuytren’s disease, which causes loss of motion and cosmetic impairment in the fingers, is more common in men after the age of 40. Swelling and stiffness in the palm and failure to open one or more fingers are among the symptoms of the disease. The disease, which does not cause pain, only negatively affects the mobility of the person.

With the examination, the nodules in the palm that have hardened and the bands that restrict the opening of the finger are detected and diagnosis is made. Patients usually postpone treatment because there is no pain, but this causes the disease to progress further. With surgical treatment, the nodules and bands formed in the palm of the patient are removed. With physical therapy applications, returning to activities that require the use of hands and fingers is accelerated.


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