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Removal of Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion kisti ameliyatı

It is a cystic swelling caused by herniation of the lining of the joint or tendon sheaths. It is more common in women. While the exact cause of the ganglion cyst is not known, it is associated with anatomical defects or cystic abrasions of the joint capsule and tendon sheaths. There is a ganglion cyst wall consisting of connective tissue and a dense, sticky, colorless, jelly-like liquid. It is mostly observed on the back of the wrist and sometimes on the inside of the wrist. The swelling is the size of a hazelnut.
The cyst should be removed if it causes pain and limitation of movement due to a mass effect in the joint. In the procedure performed with open surgery, it is technically challenging to remove this wall by reaching down to the root of the cyst without exploding the wall. In open surgery, the cyst is entered with a 2-3 cm incision; the cyst is removed by excluding the tendon, vein and nerve tissues. The layers and the skin are closed again. Recovery time is around 15 days, and the time for complete well-being is 1 month on average.

Arthroscopic (closed) Surgical Method in the Treatment of Ganglion Cyst 

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