Op. Dr. Tolga Mertoğlu


Deformities that occur outward on the toe are called Hallux Valgus. As a result of the deformity, the toe changes the flat shape of the foot axle by applying a pressure to the next finger, and a swelling called bunion occurs on the exterior side.

The narrow tip, heeled, hard and wrong shoe selection can lead to the progress of the disease. Wearing such shoes for a long time changes the anatomical structure of the foot. Hallux Valgus is more common in women wearing pointy toe shoes with high heels.

The bunion (painful swelling on the inside of the toe) and deformation of the foot caused by the disease cause pain, redness and problematic calluses.  It may be difficult to wear shoes due to swelling. In the initial stages of the disease, pain attacks can be eased with bunion pads, night splints, insoles and shoes suitable for the disease. Surgical removal of the swelling alone is not sufficient for the treatment of Hallux Valgus disease. The most important thing in the treatment of the disease is the correction of the triangular shape in the bone structure. Therefore, after the bunion is removed with surgical treatment, the bones in the foot become properly aligned and are fixed. Although it varies according to the type of surgery performed, walking is usually allowed the next day.

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