Op. Dr. Tolga Mertoğlu


Many diseases that can occur in the hip joint are treated with arthroscopic surgery, also called closed surgery. Arthroscopy treatment yields positive results in hip joint compression, hip arthritis, hip joint infection, tears of the cartilage ring called labrum, hip impingement disease.

Arthroscopic surgery is required to view the deepest joint, the hip joint, in detail. In this method, a camera system is placed inside the incision of one centimeter opened in the hip joint of the patient. If necessary, one or two additional incisions are cut and surgical instruments are inserted and the operation is performed.

Advantages of Arthroscopic Surgery

  • Since the incision is smaller than other surgical methods, the risk of infection is less.
  • The time to be discharged from the hospital is shorter
  • Returning to daily life after surgery is shorter and more comfortable.
  • Healthy surrounding tissues are not damaged during the procedure.


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