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What is Trigger Finger Disease?

The disease, which occurs when the tendons that move our fingers are compressed in the tunnel through which they pass during the movement, is called trigger finger disease. The reason for the stuck may be the thickening of the tunnel or the formation of a cystic structure on the tendon sheath.

Tetik Parmak HastalığıWhat are the Causes?

Trigger finger disease that can be seen at all ages; may be congenital in children but it is more common in people with triggering diseases such as diabetes and rheumatic diseases in advanced ages. In younger ages, it can occur in situations that require intense movement such as excessive use of computers and mobile phones. There is pain in the fingers in the early stages of the disease. It gives symptoms in the form of being stuck in the later periods. It is named as this because it resembles a stuck triggering during movement.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Diagnosis is usually made by physical examination. MRI imaging is an auxiliary examination. It is not absolutely necessary. Movement modification and anti-edema medications in are recommended in the early stage of the disease. Cortisone injection to the relevant area can also be beneficial. Surgical intervention can be applied when response to conservative treatment cannot be achieved or when more effective treatment is requested in the early stages .

Surgical treatment is a minor intervention that can be performed with local anesthesia. Patients can use their fingers enough to do their daily activities the day after surgery.

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